Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just Resting My Mince Pies Day 12: Ding Fries Are Done

So finally, finally, a little bit of Christmas cheer because today was the day we could play with Blu-Tac. Nothing more Christmassy than Blu-Tac. As a child, I used to get a satsuma-sized ball of Blu-Tac deep in my stocking every year. I could not, obviously, due to its never-disappointing levels of stickiness, get it out of the stocking. But its friendly weight would remain with me as all year, starved of normal childhood human contact by my crippling shyness, I trailed the stocking around behind me like a dead dog, gathering muck and oomska in its wake.

Well, that's sinister and untrue!

We stuck the green plastic watering cans and fake Chinese rubber plants and fake plastic tree (just the last one, really) and fairy lights up today, so Christmas has finally arrived, and all in the house is twinkling and shining and occasional ugly blobs of blue. To that end, let's have my second favourite Christmas song, which I had wanted to have in its rightful place at the end of the best episode of West Wing ever - the one where Josh goes mental and Yo Yo Ma is there and there's a saccharine speech at the end which made my pancreas have to have a bit of a lie down - but I couldn't find that online anywhere, so you'll have to cope with the Generic Christmas Imagery And John Williams Beating Small Boys Into Perfectly Tuned Perfection version instead.

And, of course, this.

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Nicla said...

ha! I totally watched that stwing yesterday.

Peter's version is better though.

Inane! Commenting!