Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Resting My Mince Pies Day 11: Seasonal Maladjustement

Sometimes, when it's the pre-penultimate Saturday before Christmas, and you have spent the day lolling about in a dressing gown, staring huntedly at the front door which has stayed resolutely closed due to your dressing gown-bound ways, and you attempt to think about Christmas shopping but all that fills your mind is 12 million sharp-elbowed fiends who know what they want for Christmas - to stand in front of you in a lot of queues and take the last mince pie and the last table in Caffe Nero - and also, when you can barge past the fiends to get to the dusty filing cabinet at the centre of your brain, you open up the "Christmas Ideas" drawer and are attacked by a flock of bloodthirsty bats; though why bloodthirsty bats are always found hanging round empty things is a mystery, surely some sort of evolutionary imperative would lead one of them to say to the others "Tell you what, chaps, bit low on the old blood levels in this dark empty space. I mean, yes, we can flutter out alarmingly at someone when we eventually discovered, but the chances of us happening upon a vein in the kerfuffle are pretty damned small, what?", sometimes when all of that happens, all you want to do is watch a short funny zombie film.

Maybe something like this, made by a set of dudes I'm sure most of you reader types will be familiar with what with knowing me and everything, but if you don't, they're a ruddy talented family and I order them to go even further than they have already gone. In a having success way, not in a walking briskly away from me way. They are free to do that anyway.

Zombie Cuisine?

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