Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blogger Still Loves You Even Though You're Lazy

I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting this all to still be here. I thought I would finally log on after many, many months of mooching to be confronted with a stern notice telling me that my tiny corner of cyberspace had been annexed by a grainy mobile phone video of a kitten sneezing accompanied by the frenzied cackle of its owner who had finally got 40 seconds of YouTube gold after months of lacing the Sheba with pepper spray, whereupon I could go and sit in the crevice between the sofa and the wall and make a list of 100 reasons why my existence is pointless (1. Can't be bothered to write in blog. 2. Can't form sentence under 80 words). But lo! Here it all is. Jubilations.

I'm only really posting so that SiteTracker can finally have something to do after three months of regarding me with a sad shake of his anthropomorphicated head. (Interesting side note - no-one on the internet has ever used that word! Possibly my proudest moment, that) Even though I dislike anthropomorphism, especially when applied to mobiles by Carphone Warehouse because I don't like having my emotions jerked around by a cartoon phone facing imminent mincing in a lawnmower.

Well, this is all very tiring and unsatisfying, so away for now.

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