Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Beginnings: Not Nude

It was definitely time for a spruce-up round here. So anyone who's ever been put off by the old-school white-on-black eye-vexing headache-inducing textuality I used to flaunt around here... Well, you clearly won't be reading this, what with having run screaming from this site many months ago. Look what you've missed! Broken promises, maudlin mopage, and some pictures of waffles. It's the coalition government at the IHOP!

So here we are: it's a bright new world of light and airiness and hope. Awful, isn't it? With any luck, I'll be just as slack about blogging in the new year as I have been in 2010, and we can all avoid this place for as long as possible.

In the spirit of the above, I'm going away now. I will be back as soon as I've a) decided what to do with 2011 and b) found and throttled whoever it is that's shouting NO-ONE CARES just out of comfortable earshot.

Happy New Year, fellow word-readers.


misspiggy said...

Don't be away too long, you'll be missed!

Nicla said...

I like the look.

I also like your pies blog posts, but am churlishly not saying so there.

Dirk Gently was alright, wasn't it? I did wonder how on earth they were going to televise the story, what with ghosts and coleridge and extra-terrestoral bach (did I imagine that bit?), so was rather relieved when it became apparent they weren't even going to try.

FawnDoo said...

I rather like the new look! Was not keen on the black and white colour scheme but came back for the writing anyway. :-)