Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Just Resting My Mince Pies Day 7: I Don't Like Cricket


Ecstatic jubilations on Tuesday, as we grabbed hold of those Aussies by the baggy greens and hoofed them right out of the park. Then we won the cricket. We WON. The CRICKET. In AUSTRALIA. This is an incredible thing. I unfortunately missed it, due to an immense disagreement between myself and my body clock which saw me asleep by 10:30pm but bolt awake at 3am, by which time the players were off the pitch, the champagne was glugged to oblivion, and I had to watch the rolling teletext pages and listen to the light jazz and scream a little scream of you.

No, not you. You're my favourite.

Anyway, the day afterwards, handily, I discovered Test Match Sofa - an alternative commentary, kind of like a melding of TMS and the Guardian OBO but with more swearing. And they have provided today's (well, Tuesday's. It's now Thursday. This is all going terribly well) clip, because they would occasionally play a snippit from the chorus of this song when the wickets fell, in an amusing fashion. And it's been lodged into my head ever since. So this is a crude attempt to dislodge it, which won't work. And you won't enjoy it. Never mind.

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Nicla said...

And now they've resorted to picking a little known spinner out of desperation and, presumably, a love of punning newspaper headlines.

Is it me or is the aussie selection policy a bit schizo? In fact the list of similarities between them now and the shower of shit that was us in the mid nineties is growing by the week...