Saturday, December 04, 2010

Just Resting My Mince Pies Day 4: Extremely Ameowsing

So down to Devon to chew the fat with MrJRME's mumelade and dadford for the weekend. All was most pleasant and passed without incident. Well, nearly all. There was a very strange ten second interlude where the mumelade had spotted some schmutz on my coat and was brushing it off by smacking me repeatedly on the bute-ocks, and at that exact instant I noticed a) the dadford was shaving in the middle of the kitchen which struck me as incredibly odd and slightly distasteful and b) just next to him on the counter was a massager and some baby oil.

These observations in close proximity brought up some interesting feelings and questions that I didn't even slightly want to think about going into, so instead we spent most of the day talking about cats: how much they missed their little bundle of joy-fluff, and how much of a bastard ours is. Look at him, with evil intent in his little "eyes"...


Anyway, all this felineosity made me think of this modern gem of the internet, from that bloke wot puts his voice on cats and makes them say all funny fings and shit. I believe that's his official YouTube bio. So for the fourth day, may I present Kitty Is A Very Bad Mystic:


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