Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Just Resting My Mince Pies day 1: Ello Dahlin

So here's what I'm going to do, in lieu of the fact that I have been a very naughty JRME and not blogged at all really this year: a bit of daily postage for the Christmas period.

But to save myself from actually having to think of anything to write, it'll be more an advent calendar of funny clips or pictures or whatever comes to me on the day.

It won't last long. Let's face it, I'm already a day late with this one. The date below may SAY it's 1st December, but it's not. It's the 2nd. I'm already lying to you. I'm so sorry. I only hurt you because I love you!

But if it were still the 1st, I would be telling you this: in a restful day today, I watched a very old man with an extreme shaking disorder attempt to pull apart my car with his bare hands in sub-freezing weather, all because I wanted a new car stereo and he worked for Halfords. Also, a great cack of white nonsense fell out of the sky and scared the cat. I failed to form any interesting opinions about either of these things, so let's just move on to the clip.

In tribute to the rather pleasant young Twitterer and Lego maniac Chris Salt, who now has my Big Train DVD and no better home there is for it too, one of my favourite Big Train sketches.

Happy the 1st!

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