Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rejected Idea On Grounds Of Taste: Walliams' Thallium Dalliance

I have no comment to make on the snow. Oh, all right, one comment. Snow is no fun when you're stranded at 2am in Trafalgar Square with nary but a hysterical four-month pregnant stranger and your ex-boyfriend for company. It is also no fun when you wake up on the wrong side of London with no phone and public transport nothing but a dim, distant memory. In all other instances, it is masses of fun. So guess which two instances I experienced during the Great London Snow-pocalypse? Anyway, let's not dwell on that. Let's dwell, instead, on this.

There is a phenomenon round here, which I think is particular to London, if not just this tiny section of West London - which is very popular with film crews for some reason., possibly because of its proximity to the great mothership of media, Television Centre - where you will often see little florescent arrow signs cable-tied to signposts, directing crews to location shoots and filming bases. Because they're only tiny signs, and possibly to mystify and amaze the neanderthal minds of the hoi polloi, they usually have written on them just the initials of the show and then "base" or "loc" or whatever. Eg: LS for Love Soup, which was filmed just round the corner from me. Thrilling, I know. But that's given me a little game to play, which is to guess the show from the initials. For example, this morning I noticed lots of signs for WTD. So! Without further ado, let's play!

Start with an obvious one:
What The Duck?! - culture-clash sitcom where lovable geek is punished for hacking into Downing Street website and changing all instances of words "Prime Minister" to "Great Orc Overlord" by community service at wetland centre. Soon has corralled reticent birdwatchers into forming most brutal battalion World Of Warcraft has ever seen, and learns a few interesting truths about bitterns along the way. Starring Kris Marshall in NHS specs, Geoffrey Palmer and the ghost of Compo.

Wet Thatcher Dream - Nostalgic coming-of-age drama set in Eighties mining village. Young boy dreams of escaping life in rundown terraced house and becoming commodities broker in deregulated Thatcherite economy. Befriended by school's economics teacher, who helps him build up full Filofax collection, including rare astrology guide. Starring Kelly Le Brock as Thatcher. Contains intense scenes of free marketeering from the outset.

When Thickets Divide - Boring old period drama about a wealthy landowner and the poor, beautiful maiden who tills the adjoining fields, or whatever. Lashings of heaving tits to keep the grunts amused, all the will they, won't they, will they, won't they crap. In alarming break with tradition, they do, but he then immediately kills and eats her in repugnantly graphic fashion.

I may have got a little bored with the game at the end there. With enormous great guffs of apology to TV Go Home.

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Laura said...

Please tell me when Wet Thatcher Dream comes on the telly. Thank you.