Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gosh Don't They Look Young And Full Of Sherbet-y Foam

I haven't yet posted the thing what is below - it's my entry into the Adam and Joe Video Wars competition on 6Music. OK, so... I love Adam and Joe. Always have, since I happened across Takeover TV one dismal and uncomfortable night staying in my step-father's house (oh, my! Doesn't that sentence sound like it's going to drift into a very, very dark place? It won't, my step-father is an incredibly lovely man - it's just that I was 15 and thus dismal and uncomfortable wherever I was). There they were, these two guys jumping around singing about jazz queens, which made me laugh because, as mentioned before, 15. And then came The Adam and Joe Show, and the space dust/coke experiment which still makes me laugh more than almost anything I've even seen, and my love was cemented.

Then ten years later came this competition. Admittedly, I am not one of their crazy obsessive stalker-type fans, of which I think they have plenty, but I had been vaguely keeping up with their comings/goings. So I heard about the competition, made a stupid, stupid video, stuck in on YouTube and bathed in the total indifference it inspired in the internet community. Apart from a couple of very lovely people who were nice enough to leave positive comments, for which I thank them immensely.

And then...

Well, I'm coming to the conclusion I may have hallucinated this bit after several days of solitary confinement in a solo soundproofed booth at worky-work, but...then the producer of their radio show called and said I was in the top ten shortlist for the competition. Out of 143 people. Hooray! Oh, but shush up your cheers. Because as we talked - well, she talked, I gibbered - it became apparent that due to the positioning of my work as an distant outlying satellite of the Big British Castle (BBC to the uninitiated) I was more than likely TOTALLY DISQUALIFIED.

So here we are - it is a good, nay, wonderful and fabulous thing that A&J themselves (apparently) chose the shortlist, and thus saw my video and liked it, for they are righteous comedy gods and that means a hell of a lot to me. And even if I hadn't been TOTALLY DISQUALIFIED, I would not have won due to the other shortlisted videos being very, very, very, very, very good, and a lot funnier and less bloody smug. But! And I feel terribly self-indulgent for even thinking this, but due to the TD, the only people who will ever know that I was in the top ten are me, and Adam and Joe plus associates. And that simply is not enough people. Who's gonna believe me if I tell them?!

And, well, the teensiest part of me says, "Hey, you could have won, and that would have meant meeting them..." That smarts quite a lot. So near! And yet so very, very far.

Right. That's painted me in the worst possible light. Good! Now see me in pixels. Even better! :(

And just cos there aren't enough ROFLs, LOLs or plain har-de-har-hars to describe it, the space dust thing:

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