Friday, May 09, 2008

Unrelated: Peep Show Reaches New Levels Of Brilliance With Trouser Joke

First off, enormous dry heaves of thanks to the people who were gorgeous and generous enough to leave nice comments about my first video here and on the 'Tube, as the kids who like to unnecessarily shorten things call it. Honestly, I was astounded, as I thought no-one would watch it at all, let alone like it, so thank you thank you. Unfortunately, it bolstered my ego to the point where I felt able to make another one, so perhaps you should think of the consequences of your actions, people. Christ, these things take a long time, though, so it's ridiculously out of date AGAIN. I could claim it is a protest against know, the whole "the internet is really up to date and that word which means that it doesn't last very long which I can't think of" thing? Transitory! Yes. No, wait! That's dumb. Enough. Here:

I am unable to write any more currently due to the following reason: just seen Derren Brown's show, he was interacting with small children and a kitten. A KITTEN. No! No, no, no! My head - he no designed for this! I sleep now? Yes, evil Master Derren!

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