Sunday, March 09, 2008

He's Right, Love IS Annoying! Thanks, American Vlog Guy

As I've previously whined and whinged and boo-hoo-ed about on this blog, sometimes I make little discoveries on the internet, and then procrastinate over writing about them, and then they get written about elsewhere and everybody knows about them and I don't feel special any more. (OMG, random interjection, but someone just said "Shit!" really prominently on Channel 4 and it's, like, 5pm on a Sunday! On BBC1, they're literally praising the Lord with song, and here on sin-tastic, disgusting C4, they're cussing all over your Yorkshire puds. Aw, good old C4. Keep it gansta! Fuck the Man! Also, what the hell is this programme? It's one of those reconstruction true story documentaries about yer average Joe being stuck on a desert island, but in between the po-faced tale-telling by the actual survivors, the reconstruction is being played entirely for laughs like some hilarious stoner buddy movie, "Harold And Kumar Suck The Pulp Out Of Cactii And Puke Up On A Hermit Crab." Cos, you know, nearly dying of dehydration is such a huge laugh!)

Where was I? Oh yeah, so I found something else which is making me laugh and also making me feel pretty guilty and useless for not ever finishing my own little video thing, which I have now watched so many times I think it is the worst thing ever to be committed to hard disk space, and dear God, I hope that's a natural feeling otherwise I'm having a breakdown or something. I'm going to attempt an embeddement here, which is my first one. Be gentle with me, YouTube.

Wow. That was... That was intense.

Anyhow, so that's Dan Bialek, who at times is so bloody American that I can't understand his accent, which makes me quite happy that I haven't so drenched my brain in repeats of Friends that I have actually turned Californian. Although I did watch about 20 of his videos in a row the other day during a particularly flat and uninspiring day at work, and then went out in the evening and gabbled like a US speed freak all night in some kind of weird unintentional tribute. Not that he's a speed freak. Not that I even know what a speed freak even is. All I know is, hey, I got there first! Or possibly, like, 400th in this country or whatever. Who cares. I don't.

Yeah, I do. Go me!

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Enid said...

Just saw your video on YouTube and had to check out your blog. Great stuff!! Keep it up.