Thursday, July 06, 2006

Crushing disappointment

I guess that everyone kind of feels the same when they start a blog.

1. Mild surprise followed by crushing disappointment that the blindingly witty and original title you've come up with for your blog has already been taken. Leading to:

2. Weird, unsettling thoughts related to the size of the world, the similarity of the people within it, and how a art-school Manhattan hipster has had exactly the same thoughts as you, when, let's face it, you have about as much in common an art-school Manhattan hipster as you do with, oh I don't know, linoleum.

3. Sudden start - isn't linoleum an Americanism? Art-school Manhattan hipster leaking into thought processes. Assume foetal position, wherein:

4. Massive inferiority complex crashes through cortex, as you realise that in the time it took you to look up linoleum, 26,000 people started blogs. No-one will ever see it, no-one cares. In fact, there are so many blogs that rules of probability state that someone, somewhere, has written precisely the same first post, word for word, as you. Head spinning, but then:

5. Realisation settles on your shoulders like a well-worn poncho - no-one will see it, so it doesn't matter one teensy bit, you can say whatever you damn hell ass want to. Sun shines, birds sing, blog starts, world keeps turning.

It's a rollercoaster of emotions. Onwards and upwards...

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